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There was only one thing on this couple’s mind, and that was to create a kitchen space big enough for their grand children!


The transition to becoming the ‘cool grandparents’ meant to create a space that resembled a more modern upbringing. The entire kitchen layout was transformed into a greater hosting atmosphere.


The more intimate 3-person kitchen island was rearranged into a larger 6-person island, allowing function and utility on either side.


The once dark kitchen cabinetry, countertop, and flooring was fully gutted to create a luminous space with brand new tiles, cabinetry, quartz countertops, and textured backsplash.


Lastly, to tie in the efforts made in the kitchen, the fireplace mantle located directly across the kitchen was resurfaced with the new floor tiles found in the kitchen, hence creating greater transparency between the two rooms.


In conclusion, this brand-new kitchen is now large enough to happily seat all members of the family!

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