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Often times, a house is not a home up until it’s suited for your day-to-day lifestyle. For these homeowners, the challenge was not finding the perfect location for their home, but rather, making their home better suited for their needs. This resulted in an entire interior home renovation.


Starting with the kitchen, the original kitchen was enclosed resulting in limited functionality, and ultimately no cohesion with the remainder of the main floor. For avid hosts, this layout couldn’t work. As a result, the separation walls were removed, a kitchen island was created, and an additional dining area allowed for moments of more intimate dining. All in all, a main floor that was once extremely segmented, was now open and available for all to enjoy.


Leading upstairs, the stairs were stained to match the new hardwood floors, a new carpet runner was installed, all while the walls were painted the same colour as the main floor to create more of an inviting ambience.

The master ensuite which once had an infill bathtub surrounded by espresso-coloured ceramic tiles was completely replaced with a freestanding tub sitting on top of herringbone wood patterned tiles. For added texture, white glossy tiles were installed halfway up surrounding the tub, while facing the oak-stained open shelving. Allowing for dual purposes, the shower located beside the tub was also renovated in a manner to match the environment of the entire ensuite. The glossy textured white wall tiles matched the ones set behind the tub, all while the stone floor tiles really tied in all the earth tones in the room. Lastly to bring all elements of the new bathroom together, a vanity paired with the countertop was strategically chosen to compliment all the other colours found in this extremely cozy and comforting bathroom.


While not being transformed to the same magnitude as the master ensuite, the shared bathroom on the second floor also undertook an impressive transformation. The built in, wall-to-wall vanity was replaced with a free-standing porcelain vanity. The rustic square ceramic tiles were replaced with more contemporary grey rectangular tiles, all while the bathtub, and tub wall was also replaced with textured glossy vertical tiles.


Overall, from the main floor, to the second, the interior of this home was completely transformed to help provide a modern family with a whole new world.

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