Design Palace has been in business since 2015 but we are no strangers to the construction business.  Design Palace is a design centre for Ridgeview Homes Inc., a home builder since 1997, which allows new home buyers to come visit the showroom and pick out their selections such as flooring, kitchens, lighting and more for their new home. 


In 2015, Design Palace brought in local reputable contractors, project managers, and interior designers and opened its doors to the renovation business.

Since opening our doors in 2015, Design Palace has flourished into the renovation business with multiple kitchen and bathroom renovation projects, and flooring projects. Already have a contractor or want to do it yourself?  No problem.  Design Palace can supply you with what you need for your renovation.


Design Palace offers our clients peace of mind when it comes to renovation projects.  Some contractors will take you from store to store to look at products for your home and it can take up a lot of your time.  Design Palace has its very own showroom with everything you need for your renovation with endless colours and types of flooring, countertops, kitchen cabinets, siding, bathroom fixtures and much more. 


Not only can we supply the products you need for your renovation, we can do the renovation for you too.  At Design Palace, we have all the professional trades needed to do the job right.  A plumber for your plumbing.  An electrician for your electrical.  A tile installer for your tile installation. 


NO jack of all trades. 


We will handle all the appointments and make sure that each trade follows the other and make sure that the job is completed within a reasonable time frame to ensure you can get back to your normal life without much disruption.