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This house was entirely curated based on the specifications of the homeowner. From the home furnishings, and building materials, all the way to the décor items. Every single piece of this house was tailored based on the specifications of the homeowner.


The main floor includes wide planked hardwood flooring that resonates freely from the entrance all the way to the kitchen.


The living areas include bright white furniture paired with wooden décor pieces providing balance and colour coordination between the flooring, the walls, and of course the living spaces.


All in all, the homeowner was longing for a very traditional luxurious interior that can be both utilized and admired year-round. The living space has two separate lounging areas that can be used for specific hosting purposes, whereas the kitchen also invites guests to be seated while conversations flow freely.


The kitchen has sleek flat paneled cabinets paired with shining stainless-steel hardware. While providing great light reflection in the kitchen, the quartz countertop also plays a key role in providing a seamless transition between the darker kitchen, and the living areas that share similar shining elements.


To conclude, this home interior accurately represented the lavish lifestyle that the home owner wanted to make a reality.

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