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Two things make a home timeless, a sense of history paired with the future. This renovation provided the opportunity for the owners that wanted to breathe fresh air into a tired space, all while creating a new beginning for the home that was originally built for their parents.

As we evolve, our homes should too. The purpose of this renovation was to re-purpose the humble abode into a more modern, entertainers paradise, that would be fitting for new everyday lifestyles. The old carpet was replaced with luxury vinyl plank throughout, hence creating an open concept feel. The kitchen that once had dark cabinetry was redone with Chantilly Lace and finished with white and grey quartz countertops that brightened the overall space. Both bathrooms were completely revamped with accent walls creating intriguing visuals.

With efforts to attain a very attractive curb appeal, the once tired and dated exterior of the family home was redone with bold, black exterior accents, all while the single car driveway was extended into a double – with fresh landscaping completed on either side. To provide balance, modern landscaping was completed to either side of the house, with eminent efforts completed in the backyard.

All in all, this renovation project was successful in articulating how a nostalgic home can grow to serve a new meaning inside and out. Maintaining all its previous memories, this project provided an example of how to transform an ‘older’ house, to look brand new, while also respecting a budget.

Showcasing this project resulted in several other renovation inquiries with similar endeavours, and lead to a multi-generational customer satisfaction. Prior to listing on the market, the original owner received the opportunity to have one final walkthrough of her once coveted property and gave the home the proper sending off that it so absolutely deserved.

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