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Four Reasons Every House Needs A Rug

1. A Solid Foundation Provides Strength For What Awaits Above.

Incorporating a rug under a coffee table, kitchen table, or within the interior of a sitting area provides both durability and visual appeal to its surroundings.

Having a rug sit under a table is good for several reasons. It provides a scratch free surface for your flooring. Especially in situations of exotic wood base flooring, in which they aren't necessarily scratch resistant, the rug will serve as that perfect scratch free foundation. Within sitting areas, rugs are able to provide that extra bit of cushion while getting on/off the couch. No one likes cold feet, and a rug within a sitting area is the perfect way to prevent that from happening.

All in all, having furniture sit on or within the perimeter of a rug, provides a strong foundation, while providing a soft touch.

2) A Neutral Colour Makes Accent Colours & Decor Stand Out

Often times, a rug acts as the perfect accent piece. Make the most out of your decor, create beautiful atmospheres, and add a colour palette within your living areas by adding a rug. Rugs tone overall room colours down, so that decor pieces become more vibrant. Individual pieces such as a flower vases, plants, and pillows showcase their colours more in neutral environments.

Overall, a rug will tone down overall lighting environments, so that individual decor pieces stand out more.

3) Additional Source Of Heat

It is no secret that adding a rug will provide an additional heat source. Apart from making rooms feel more ‘cozy’, a rug will actually make rooms more ‘cozy’. Rugs have the ability to insulate the floor surface. This means that the cooler air deviating from the surface beneath will remain beneath the rug, and the surface of the rug will be the main source of contact to keep your toes warm and snug.

4) Natural Noise Insulator

At home there are several sources of sound pollution. Mainly coming from windows, doors, flooring, walls, and ceilings. These surfaces tend to have a high echoes and several sound waves hitting off of their surfaces.

A rug is the perfect material to absorb these sound waves. Essentially acting like acoustic panels, a rug will absorb and dampen the effect of sound waves, so that your home is quieter.

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